Zoomed out!

Escrito por Ken Nicholson  |  Mayo 27, 2020



Zoomed out - This is how one of my good friends and colleagues has described his experience during the recent Covid-19 pandemic, or should we just call it the Covid-19 crisis. 

Great teachers, Great clinicians

Escrito por Ken Nicholson  |  Octubre 11, 2018


Busy as usual at basecamp SmileTube! 

Some people still argue that there’s nothing like the traditional classroom approach to teaching, but, read this!

Is implant dentistry REALLY that difficult?

Escrito por Simon Thurtle  |  Septiembre 03, 2018

 Well, the short answer is yes and no. Which isn’t helpful at all, in fact, that sounds like the sort of answer a politician would give!

So, what exactly do I mean?

Mr Darren McCourt & Prof. Alessandro Pozzi

Escrito por Ken Nicholson  |  Octubre 04, 2018



SmileTube mentor Darren McCourt of Castle Clinic Dalkey was delighted to be invited to the Nobel Biocare International Training event in Rome this September and reports on his experience.