Hi Janine

I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough.  First of all, it is a lot easier to learn from the comfort of my own home with the possibility of reviewing some of the webinars and also allows me to still work as normal. Secondly, I found the material that Dr. Ken Nicholson taught to be very informative and covers all aspects in depth. I had no experience with placing/restoring/ observing implants prior to this course but Ken has explained everything in a concise and logical manner. He also emphasised the need for ethical implant dentistry which I believe is extremely important. I particularly liked his approach on diagnosis and treatment planning in a predictable and stepped manner which makes everything easier to understand and apply. 

The practical days were full of information and my mentor, Dr. Ian Lane, was able to enhance the knowledge acquired through the webinars with his own experience. 

I am most grateful to everyone involved in organising this course as it is by far the best one I have been on and I have done quite a few. I have met some wonderful people and I feel so inspired and passionate about implants that I now believe I will further enrol on the Diploma level once I acquire more clinical experience. 

Thank you again and I will definitely recommend this course to all my colleagues. 

Kindest Regards,

Dr. Andreea Shavit

DMD, MSc Rest.&Aesthetic, MFGDP (UK)

(received by email 10/10/2018)


So, dispelling the myths of blended learning, we have;

·       Learning in the comfort of your own environment

·       The facility to review the learning material as you please

·       Informative and comprehensive course material clearly delivered

·       Minimal disruption to your busy routine

·       You meet wonderful people

·       Practical days taught by experienced clinicians

·       From zero implant knowledge to an enthused implant practitioner

What more can we say!

The SmileTube programme is not the traditional course. It’s a fresh approach to education and training in implant dentistry, a total paradigm shift. It’s not about “pile them in, stack them high”, students that is. It’s about creating confident, competent and enthused implant practitioners. Just like Andreea.

Finally, you are probably asking yourself what’s TedX got to do with this? One of our tenets at SmileTube is that great clinicians don’t necessarily make great teachers and great teachers don’t necessarily make great clinicians. In aiming to deliver a course of the highest calibre we search for Clinical Supervisors who are the best of both. A prime example is Dr Sreenivas Koka, our Lead Clinical Supervisor in the US, who is giving a talk at TedX, Boca Raton, in a few days’ time.



What students say about our courses
Dr. Andrew Dixon
GDP, working in Whickham Dental Practicw, Newcastle

Got the written confirmation from the exams department (RCS Edinburgh) this week so nice to have a hard copy of the results in my hand!! Many thanks for your guidance over the last year or so. The UIYC was set at a perfect level with just the right amount of content to get you through the diploma.

Dr. Chameera Fernando
GDP, working in Northampton

The print outs will be really useful as I wanted to go over the lectures again and start making notes and memorising the information.

Dr Lucy Nichols BDS MFDSRCS MSc.
GDP, working in New Malden with a special interest in aesthetic/cosmetic dentistry and implantology

The flexibility of doing the theory on-line has been fantastic. Far more convenient and cost effective than other courses. And it's useful to be able to revisit a lecture. Having patients provided and having a relatively local mentor has also been a big advantage over many other courses.

Dr C. Lappin BSc.(Hons), BDS(Hons), FDS RCS(Eng)
GDP, practicing in Belfast

Amazing! This is a very useful resource.

Dr. Andrew Dixon

I really enjoyed being able to complete the course at my own pace but with you in the background giving the occasional nudge so you dont loose focus. Obviously this also makes it very cost effective as there was much less time off work than on other courses. The supply of papers / reading material although daunting at first was excellent and actually essential for the diploma.

Dr R.D BDS Manc
General Dental Practitioner working in Manchester and did the Ultimate Implant Year Course in 2013

The UIYC is a very informative course especially for me who had a limited exposure to implant dentistry. It has certainly improved my knowledge in this domain with its very well structured online theoretical modules coupled with the improvement of my surgical skills via the monthly hands-on practical sessions. I managed to place a number of implants in the space of ten months. The good aspects of this course are that it provides you with patients to work with and it fits around your work schedule. Wished I found this course a few years earlier!

Dr Clair Kilgarriff, B Dent Sc, TCD
GDP practicing in Dublin with a special interest in orthodontics and implant dentistry

Ken Nicholson was my tutor for the certificate year in implant dentistry from the University of Warwick. He was one of the best lecturers I have had in my under and postgraduate training. He is methodical and clear in his delivery. Above all he is open to the viewpoints of others and most helpful in directing a student to further knowledge.

David Magilton BDS
GDP working in Lanarkshire and a current Ultimate Implant Year Course delegate

I thought that the intro to the UIYC was brilliant. We were given the perfect amount of information on this fascinating subject and this has given me a great insight into implant dentistry. It has also made me very keen to learn more and place my first implant. The smiletube site is an amazing resource and I appreciate the hard work you must have put into it.

Dr. Paul Howlett

The Ultimate Year Implant Course has been an excellent programme of education and learning. The flexibility of being able to work through the detailed online learning material at your own pace and when it best suits make it the perfect course to schedule around busy work and family life. In addition the experience gained through the clinical days has been 1st class with superb mentorship and clinical coaching. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone wishing to introduce dental implants into their clinical practice.

Dr Ramya Balasubramanian
General Dentist working in San Diego

Amazing program!.