The Ultimate Implant Year Course
The Ultimate Implant Year Course is designed to enable you to add implant dentistry to your practice with the most flexibility, least time away from your patients and with the highest confidence.

We do this by giving you a blended implant training program which gives you flexible, e-learning modules as well as high-quality, hands-on training at one of our clinical training centers.

To provide high-quality training which will deliver the necessary education and training for you to introduce dental implant treatments to your practice.
To give you the skills and confidence to be competent in case assessment, placement and restoration of dental implants in a safe and predetermined manner in the General Dental Practice environment.
Course Programme
Introduction /online induction by live Webinar: – another time saving feature of the programme. Dr Nicholson,
the course lead, takes you through the features and benefits of
  1. Welcome/Introduction
  2. Course structure
  3. Introduction to e-learning
  4. Building a portfolio
  5. The RCS Edin. Diploma in Implant Dentistry
  6. Beyond the RCS Edin.Diploma in Implant Dentistry – available qualifications
  7. E-learning assignments
  8. Do’s and Dont’s
Online E-learning Lectures/Exercises
Module 1
  1. The history of dental implantology
  2. The difference between implant and “conventional” dentistry
  3. Informed consent
  4. Case assessment
  5. Treatment Planning
  6. Relevant anatomy/Pathology
  7. Radiography in implant dentistry
  8. Basic surgical instrumentation requirements
  9. Basic restorative instrumentation requirements
  10. Surgery set-up /cross infection control
  11. Review of relevant recent literature
Module 1 assessment
Module 2
  1. Flap design
  2. Wound closure – suturing/materials/ techniques
  3. Patient expectations
  4. Implant design
  5. Abutment design
  6. Impression techniques
  7. Future trends in implant and abutment design
  8. Occlusion relevant to the implant restoration
  9. Review of recent relevant literature
Module 2 assessment
Module 3
  1. Review of work to date
  2. Aesthetics vs function in the implant restoration
  3. Aesthetic indicators
  4. Maximizing the aesthetic outcome
  5. Computer assisted planning and placement of dental implants
  6. Review of recent relevant literature
Module 3 assessment
Module 4
  1. Advanced surgical technique overview
  2. Particulate grafting/membranes
  3. Sinus augmentation
  4. Block grafting
  5. Osteogenic distraction
  6. Review of recent relevant literature
Module 5
  1. 3D Imaging in Implant Dentistry revisited
  2. CT vs CBCT
  3. The NobelGuide concept
  4. Using NobelClinician
  5. NobelConnect
  6. The application of SmartFusion
  7. The NobelCommunicator App
  8. Review of recent relevant literature
Module 5 assessment

Clinical training: Eight days at the clinical training centre of your choice* (with patients provided).

Final examination: online written examination.

Award of Certificate of GDC Compliant Implant Education and Training (UK Participants only)

*Providing places available