Why SmileTube.tv ?

It's quite simple really

SmileTube.tv is not merely an eclectic mix of CPD snippets sourced from a variety of providers or the standard 10 or 12 day implant course but;

  • Certified GDC compliant training
  • A programme that gives you access to your lecture material (and much more) 365 days per year 24/7
  • 8 days clinical, hands-on training - and that means clinical hands-on training - not a mix of lectures and watching someone else carry out the treatment
  • patients are provided for you to assess, treatment plan and treat
  • a complete, structured learning programme
  • produced and provided by experienced Practitioners who have achieved what you want to achieve
  • with learning outcomes mapped to recognised qualifications
  • providing YOU with cost effective, cost efficient and effective postgraduate education
  • an organization that favours quality over quantity!
  • an organization that encourages you to invest in your career for the benefit of you and your patients
  • an organization that can provide you with a Certificate compliant with GDC regulations in Implant Dentistry

Before deciding on a course ask these questions of the course provider;

Who will be supervising me?

Will I have a qualified dentist supervising me AT ALL TIMES in the clinical environment?

If you aspire to the RCS Edin Diploma in Implant Dentistry: How many of your students have gone on to sit and pass the RCS Edinburgh Diploma in Implant Dentistry?

How much access do I have to the academic side of the programme?




I am interested in finding out more about the Ultimate Implant Year Course. Please contact me.
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