What you will learn

The Ultimate Implant Year Course

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand

A structured, blended learning programme enabling the course delegate to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to place and restore dental implants in a safe and predetermined manner. (Patients provided).

Aims: To provide a learning medium that will offer the course delegate the necessary education and training to introduce dental implant treatment to their dental practice.

Objectives: To produce practitioners competent in case assessment, placement and restoration of dental implants in a safe and predetermined manner in the General Dental Practice environment.

Course Programme

Introduction /online induction by live Webinar: – another time saving feature of the programme. Dr Nicholson, the course lead, takes you through the features and benefits of SmileTube.tv

  • Welcome/Introduction
  • Course structure
  • Introduction to e-learning
  • Building a portfolio
  • The RCS Edin. Diploma in Implant Dentistry
  • Beyond the RCS Edin.Diploma in Implant Dentistry –available qualifications
  • E-learning assignments
  • Do’s and Dont’s

Online E-Learning lectures/Exercises

Module 1

  • The history of dental implantology
  • The difference between implant and “conventional” dentistry
  • Informed consent
  • Case assessment
  • Treatment Planning
  • Relevant anatomy/Pathology
  • Radiography in implant dentistry
  • Basic surgical instrumentation requirements
  • Basic restorative instrumentation requirements
  • Surgery set-up /cross infection control
  • Review of relevant recent literature
  • Module 1 assessment

Module 2

  • Flap design
  • Wound closure – suturing/materials/ techniques
  • Patient expectations
  • Implant design
  • Abutment design
  • Impression techniques
  • Future trends in implant and abutment design
  • Occlusion relevant to the implant restoration
  • Review of recent relevant literature
  • Module 2 assessment

Module 3

  • Review of work to date
  • Aesthetics vs function in the implant restoration
  • Aesthetic indicators
  • Maximizing the aesthetic outcome
  • Computer assisted planning and placement of dental implants
  • Review of recent relevant literature
  • Module 3 assessment

Module 4

  • Advanced surgical technique overview
  • Particulate grafting/membranes
  • Sinus augmentation
  • Block grafting
  • Osteogenic distraction
  • Review of recent relevant literature

module 5

  • 3D Imaging in Implant Dentistry revisited
  • CT vs CBCT
  • The NobelGuide concept
  • Using NobelClinician
  • NobelConnect
  • The application of SmartFusion
  • The NobelCommunicator App
  • Review of recent relevant literature
  • Module 5 assessment

Clinical training: Eight days at the clinical training centre of your choice* (with patients provided).

Final examination:  online written examination.

Award of Certificate of GDC Compliant Implant Education and Training (UK Participants only)

*Providing places available